Sofi & Mahalo


Question: What does one want from a boarding facility for their “Greyhounds”?

Answer:  everything they have at home AND more!

Second question: Where can one go to fulfill this huge demand? 

Answer:  Greyt Escape – Greyhound vacation destination.

Over 10 years ago we were looking for the perfect location for our Greyhounds when we traveled.  Our requirements for the “perfect location” were: very safe, very protective, very fun for the hounds, healthy, happy and loving, trustworthy, home-like ( soft beds, couches,  treats, personal touches and no kennels) and reasonably priced. This was no small order to find such a place that met all these requirements.  To our delight we did find such a perfect location.  Brian and Michelle Caillet opened “Greyt Escape-Your Vacation Destination for Your Greyhound” in 2006 with all of the above as their Mission. They have met and exceeded their Mission and our expectations since 2007.  One way of knowing they have met and exceeded these expectations is proven by our hound’s excitement to go to Greyt Escape and their sadness to leave.

We know when we leave for a few days or for an extended vacation that our “fur kids” are loved and well cared for and very happy.  Even though we miss them very much while we are gone it is very comforting for us to know they are safe and loved.  The Tuckers