Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in East Tucson.  Because we operate in a private residence, we do not publish the address publicly.

Q: Will my greyhound be kenneled?

A: No, we do not kennel hounds in our care.  They will be allowed to roam freely throughout our home and a secured yard.  

 Q: Do you provide any activities for the greyhounds?

A: Yes, we take all hounds for an early morning 1 mile walk.
If your hound cannot walk this far, please let us know on the questionnaire.
Additionally, we provide lots of treats & toys for all hounds to enjoy.

Q: If I pick my hound up earlier than reserved, will I receive an adjustment for that time?

A: Because we have reserved that space for your hound and it may have prevented another guest from utilizing that time, we do not offer adjustments unless previously agreed to.

 Q: If I am delayed in picking up my hound, what is your extension policy?

A: We are aware that delays occur when traveling and do our best to prepare for those situations.  We will arrange to keep your hound and extend the contract as necessary.

 Q: What happens if my greyhound has a medical emergency?

A: At the time you reserve, we will ask that you complete a detailed questionnaire that will include information regarding your regular veterinarian.  If care is needed, we will notify you immediately and take your hound to their veterinarian.  If after hours or emergency medical care is needed, we will take your greyhound to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic if their regular veterinarian is unable to help.