Michelle and Brian Caillet opened Greyt Escape, your Greyhounds Vacation Destination!  in Tucson, Arizona August of 2006 after adopting a greyhound and realizing that the boarding options were quite limited.  Riley didn't like kennels or crates and stressed when he was not comfortable.  While volunteering at the rescue kennels, Michelle had the thought that it would be fun to take care of the dogs in a home environment!

After moving across town to a large piece of land already zoned for small business, the idea of Greyt Escape, your Greyhounds Vacation Destination! began to take shape.  Back then, licensed and insured businesses like this were not well known.  Through lots of research, licensing and insurance were obtained and it was official.

Fast forward to 2017 and we will reach our 11 year mark for Greyt Escape.  We have cared for many hounds over the years and are grateful for every one of you who continues to leave your greyt family members in our care.

Riley, our first greyhound, began as the host with the most.  He loved his job greeting all the hounds as they arrived and showing them the ropes (the best couch, the best dog bed, all the toy boxes.......).  He was later joined by his little sister Opa.  She too loved her job and they hosted guests through the summer of 2014.

In 2016, we welcomed a long time greyhound boarder permanently, when she needed a new home.  Though we've known her since she was about 3 years old, she came to live with us just before her 11th birthday.  Lucy is now 12 years old and enjoying her senior pampering. A few months later while fostering was a big need during the closing of Tucson Greyhound Park, we met and (kept!) Sachi. The two love hosting Greyt Escape and look forward to seeing you!

Over the years, Greyt Escape Accessories was created to offer handmade leashes, collars and other gear for your dogs.  http://www.GreytEscape.etsy.com

In addition to dog gear, we wanted something for the humans too!  So, Chella Bella Designs was created to offer handmade bags, totes, yoga bags, essential oils bags and other fun items to gift or keep for yourself.  http://www.ChellaBellaDesigns.etsy.com

In addition to donating collars & leashes for new hounds arriving at Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption, we also donate a portion of each sale from either shop to that local greyhound rescue.