Our mission?  To love and care for your greyhounds as we do our own.  And we've been doing it since August of 2006!

Located in Tucson, Arizona we offer:

~ Just 6 spaces a day to reserve. We like to keep your hounds comfortable and able to stretch out.

~ 24 hour supervision.  As a safety precaution, your hound will not be left unattended during their stay. If there is an emergency with a hound that requires medical attention and a secondary person is not home, each hound will be left securely in a section of their own in the house with water until a back-up sitter arrives. Otherwise, they have 24/7 love & care!

~ No kennels or crates.  We want them to be as comfortable here as they would be at home.

~ Doggy door access to a secure yard 24 hours a day.  If they don't use a doggy door, they will be let out for breaks.

~ Free walks in the early morning hours for everyone.  If your greyhound needs a shorter walk or no walk at all, no problem.  We arrange the time as needed!

~ We feed everyone twice a day.  You bring along your hound's regular food and anything you add in as we never want to upset their tummies by changing the food.  We have plenty of refrigerator and freezer space to store anything you bring along.

~ We are happy to follow a schedule for any medications or supplements your greyhound needs.  * Providing medication to a hound is a liability and a small fee is charged to accept that risk. A detailed list of medications is requested when completing a contract and questionnaire.

~ If your greyhound loves to sleep on furniture, they're in luck! We have two comfy couches to chose from.  We are often found sitting on the floor (or on a dog bed....) as they take over the furniture.  And yes, we often have "someone" wedged between us in bed at night.

~ Treats! We provide lots of treat options for your pet. * Though we often have a grain-free treat on hand, if your greyhound has special dietary needs, it is recommended that you bring their preferred treats along.

~ We provide all the dog beds, bowls and raised food stands needed during their stay.  No need to pack it all up for their vacation!

~ For your safety and ours, we are licensed and insured.

~ We have an entire handmade store designed for your greyhounds needs.  With leashes, collars, custom note cards and more, you can shop and feel good about your purchase as each order will help support greyhound rescue.  Shop Greyt Escape

~ Need a gift for a human friend or something special for yourself? We have a handmade shop for humans as well! This shop also donates to greyhound rescue. Shop Chella Bella Designs!