It’s a GREYT day at Greyt Escape!

Greyt Escape is your greyhounds vacation destination!  We have welcomed greyhounds into our home since 2006.  Offering just 6 spaces each day allows us to cater to your greyhounds every need while keeping everyone happy, with plenty of room to roam and space to stretch out.  We live on a large piece of land in East Tucson near the trailheads of Saguaro National Park East allowing for plenty of serene views and peace from the nearby city.  Your hound(s) enjoy daily walks, treats and lounging outside in a secure yard whenever they’d like.  Couch potatoes welcome! Learn more on the about page: About Greyt Escape

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I’ve been taking my boys (Kermit and Asher) to Greyt Escape for several years…they absolutely love their visits! Both boys get so excited when they see their doggie-day-camp knapsacks come out of the closet!
Number one quality of Greyt Escape is all the attention the hounds soak up from Michelle and husband Brian. Lots of loving and lounging for all!
Also, important Greyt Escape qualities are safety and cleanliness…safety is always top priority for Michelle, and Brian, and I’m always impressed how clean everything is.
Kermit, Asher and I highly recommend Greyt Escape!! A great place for the hounds!!

~ Sue kermit and Asher

Kermit & Asher
Madison ~ Thinks she’s a greyhound!

“Michelle & Brian treat each and every “guest” as part of their family. We are totally confident leaving Madison in their care. They make each dog feel safe & loved. They combine the skills and knowledge of boarding professionals with love and affection for each dog. I cannot imagine boarding our dogs anywhere else! ~ Ralph & Marcia


Question: What does one want from a boarding facility for their “Greyhounds”?

Answer:  everything they have at home AND more!

Second question: Where can one go to fulfill this huge demand? 

Answer:  Greyt Escape – Greyhound vacation destination.

Over 10 years ago we were looking for the perfect location for our Greyhounds when we traveled.  Our requirements for the “perfect location” were: very safe, very protective, very fun for the hounds, healthy, happy and loving, trustworthy, home-like ( soft beds, couches,  treats, personal touches and no kennels) and reasonably priced. This was no small order to find such a place that met all these requirements.  To our delight we did find such a perfect location.  Brian and Michelle Caillet opened “Greyt Escape-Your Vacation Destination for Your Greyhound” in 2006 with all of the above as their Mission. They have met and exceeded their Mission and our expectations since 2007.  One way of knowing they have met and exceeded these expectations is proven by our hound’s excitement to go to Greyt Escape and their sadness to leave. (more…)

Sofi & Mahalo

I think that greyhound people (like greyhounds!) are a special breed, so finding the right place to leave our hounds during vacation can be particularly stressful. Greyt Escape is everything I could ask for and more! It isn’t like boarding your dog in a kennel, it’s like taking your dog to a good friend’s house. I trust Michelle and Brian with my hounds; I even felt at ease leaving my special tripod Devo with them after his amputation due to osteosarcoma. They are kind, knowledgable, and so sweet to all of the dogs in their care. Wyatt is always excited to visit Greyt Escape… and I try not to take it too personally, but sometimes he doesn’t want to leave! I feel incredibly lucky to have a place where I can take my greyhound and not worry about him at all while I’m gone; my mind is completely at ease because I know he’s in the best hands possible! ~ Abrie


Greyt Escape has been life changing for us!  Several years ago we found Michelle after a horrible experience at a boarding kennel.  Our greyhound Ellie did not thrive there at all and after picking her up after a 3 week vacation we were horrified to find her 10 pounds lighter and very traumatized.  From the first time I brought her to stay at Greyt Escape she was happy and calm.  Over our next several “acclimation” visits Michelle even worked on helping her to gain some weight back!  We were able to resume traveling.  Ellie has been gone for a few years now but because of Michelle we have been able to adopt Indy and Archer and still travel AND without stress or guilt.  Our fur kids love when they get to spend a vacation at Greyt Escape.  They get so excited when I gather together their food, muzzles, and leashes because they know they are going for a visit.  Dropping them off happy and content is the BEST feeling!  Michelle and her husband Brian obviously have a genuine love for these amazing creatures.    Thank you Greyt Escape!!!! ~ Gail & Alan



Indy & Archer